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Professional Creatives

We are a full service Interior Styling Boutique servicing all of Long Island, NY and surrounding areas. We are ready to create the space of your dreams. Are you ready? 


Style to Sell

Strategic design to help Real Estate Professionals, Investors, & Homeowners. 

Want to WOW potential buyers?

Evoke an emotional attachment between person and property using design! Staging gives your home an automatic advantage and competitive edge in the market. We use an innovative approach to align your needs with those of prospective home buyers.

Whether pulling a room together piece by piece (vacant), or using your existing furnishings (occupied), we will display your home’s full potential and maximize it’s appeal. 

When your property sells fast and for more money, we relish in the moment. We like to get caught up in all the small details, so you don't have to.  



We don't follow trends, we set them.

Our Stylists create functional designs and fresh motifs that are meant to captivate. Using your vision as our catalyst, our team of Creatives will design the perfect space of your dreams.  

With experience and diversity within our team, we are ready to take on any design challenge. We tailor fit your aesthetic without compromising functionality. We want to design a style that can be lived in and a space you never grow tired of. 

Don't know your style?

We are here to create a signature style designed just for you!


Property Styling is Marketing.

Proven Methods

Empty properties can lack personality and look bare online, while cluttered homes can appear overly personalized.

We highlight your property’s key features and downplay less desirable ones. When buyers are house hunting, there’s no detail that'll go unnoticed. When viewing a property for the first time, buyers make judgments as soon as they see it, sometimes even from the street! That’s where we come in.

Did You Know ?

Staged houses on average sell faster and for more money.

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