Meet The Team

Visual Vantage is led by Creative Director & CEO, Jennifer Post, CEO. With an exceptional eye for design, Jennifer lives to design and loves decorating to sell. She first began refurbishing furniture as a hobby and pastime with her current partner. She became good friends with a local realtor, who assisted her in the purchase of a new home. With her most recent house hunting experience and newfound friendship with her realtor, the vision for Visual Vantage was born. 

As a kid, Jennifer can recall rearranging her parents' furniture and was often asked by her mother's coworkers to help organize their offices. She grew up in a historical Metropolitan neighborhood of Atlanta, GA, named Grant Park. It was known for its Victorian era Craftsman's Bungalow homes and an artsy and diverse group of locals blended with relocated families from all over the world. Her passion for design grew along with an ever-changing area of town: an eclectic melting pot of style and new age culture. In that same neighborhood today, you can find unique futuristic houses nestled comfortably between Historical homes that date back to the 1800's. Both of these styled homes sharing old pieces of railroad tracks running through their backyards. Growing up with diverse neighbors and an appreciation of culture, she always incorporates something for everyone in her designs. Jennifer believes diversity has helped shape her ability to balance and decorate for the masses.

The Visual Vantage team consists of Lead Stylist, Stella and Project Manager, Brianna. Together they have a great appreciation for many different styles and draw inspiration from everywhere. The install crew is led by Sammy, "The Honest Handyman", who also happens to be Jennifer's better half. The team enjoys combining elements and concepts, an idea they like to call, "Style Fusion". Visual Vantage has a Philosophy that design is constantly evolving and free to do as it pleases as long as it does these three things: sets a tone, inspires, and visually stimulates. Collectively their work ethic is just as strong as their sense of style. They love what they do and plan on growing Visual Vantage to new heights.